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15th June 2017 Moorsbus buswalking at it's best last Sunday.


I haven't been able to walk the Rosedale railway since the old Moorsbus finished in 2013, but this year's services make it possible again. Threatening sky though it was, I couldn't leave it any longer - it was too long since I'd seen those stunning views of the Dales from the top of the Moors. The sun rewarded me with a peepshow and it was miles until I saw anybody else. Mind, the large group that came the other way at Esklets didn't exactly disturb the peace with cheery "Good afternoon"s. I got a grunt out of one of them, though. Perhaps they were Trappist Trekkers?

Peace until Bloworth Crossing where there was a lot of serious cross-country running taking place, complete with arm waving marshals. There was even a large portable site hut with male/female toilets, a medical room and a rest room. Pretty impressive facilities for the runners, thought I, but no, this was all for the one plant driver who was fighting a rearguard action against 4x4s and off-road bikes on Rudland Rigg. It's a funny old world.

Ingleby Incline hit me with that sudden, incredible view as it always did and I can confirm that it's just as long and steep as ever. Once again, I was glad to be heading down and not up it. Overtook some trudging Duke of Edinburgh Awarders as I reached Bank Foot Farm but they soon sped up when they spotted their minibuses a few yards further on.

Arriving at Battersby with over an hour to spare it seemed rude not to nip down the road to the Dudley Arms at Ingleby Greenhow. What should I find but a line up of Ford Capris outside. Even cleaner than a Moorsbus, they were... Just time for a pint, and very good it was too, and back to Battersby Junction for that beautiful ride on the Esk Valley Railway train to Danby. Cheap it was, too.

What a day!


The following are from Baz Askew’s recent Rosedale rambles ...


Ana Cross - now's the time to visit whilst the moor is 'blanketed' with heather.

Jobs Well (Chalybeate) - Situated at the top of North Dale in Rosedale. At present it is being renovated by David Ross Foundation, for some artwork.

Bit of a building site, but a pleasant walk along the valley bottom before climbing up onto Northdale Rigg. Lovely views down the valley, returning via Heygate Bank back to Rosedale Abbey.


Our aim is to create an affordable transport system to and around the North York Moors and the surrounding area that allows people to travel without cars.

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