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A Trip on the Moors Bus

When I woke up yesterday the beautiful weather (and the dreaded thought of the F1 Grand Prix on the TV. at home) decided me that it would be lovely to take another trip on the Moors Bus so I was at the bus stop at 11 am (with my packed lunch) and the bus arrived exactly on time. One of the others in the queue told me that on the previous Sunday's bus there was, literally, 'standing room only' so I was hoping it wouldn't happen again – but it almost did. By the time we left Thirsk there was only one empty seat!


The bus made its way slowly and steadily up Sutton Bank but at the Visitor Centre at the top there was a hiccup! The driver noticed a trickle of water running out from somewhere at the back of the vehicle so we had to wait a while until it was sorted. Another lady from Thirsk and I decided to have a coffee and scone whilst waiting but just as we'd had our first sips the bus was ready for the off. We wrapped up our scones and were on our way again, this time without some passengers who'd left to go walking and with some different passengers who'd been waiting for our bus.


At Helmsley 8 passengers stayed on the bus but, because of the delay, we'd missed the 128 connection so I decided to repeat my previous delightful journey to Stokesley, via Rievaulx Abbey, Newgate Bank (where 1 man alighted to walk back to Helmsley), and Chop Gate. The sun shone all the time, the scenery was just so beautiful - and the heather was at its best. I took some photos through the bus windows but they just couldn't do justice to show how breath taking all of the scenery was.


In Stokesley Pat from Thirsk and I sat in the sun by the beck and ate our picnics, as I'd done on my previous visit, and watched the ducks. We also did a little shopping (quite a number of shops were open, including the Co-op, Boyes, a bread shop, some cafes and charity shops). An hour later the bus returned so we got back on for another delightful run, and admired the views from a different direction.


We arrived back in Thirsk, still in sunshine, at 3 pm. It was a really lovely 4 hours bus ride and I look forward to doing it again.


By Mo.


31st August 2015


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