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If you normally use a car, a bus walk could transform your walking. You’ll see so much more by replacing one leg of the walk with a short bus (or train) journey.


If you’re tired of having to walk round in circles to end up back at a car or if you would like to see twice as much of our stunning National Park without having to take twice as long to do so, try a bus walk.


Try, for instance, leaving your car at Guisborough or Pickering, taking our M3 bus to The Lion Inn at Blakey then walking down to Rosedale via the lovely Dale Head Farm Tea Garden. Carry on down the valley to Rosedale Abbey where you’ll find much information about “This Exploited Land of Iron”, and you’ll discover why this became the Klondike of the Moors before reverting to the sleepy village that you’ll find today. You’ll also find a rich seam of excellent pubs and cafes here, as well as your bus home.


You will find that by dumping the car and trying a bus walk you’ll rediscover your lost walking freedom.


A few hints about buswalks...


There is some very good advice on the NYMNPA website, here, about getting the most out of walking on and around the Moors


In addition to the sensible clothing and footwear, drink and perhaps food, that you would normally take along, if you’re planning a bus walk, we’d suggest that you also take;


An Ordnance Survey map, either 1:25,000 or 1:50,000.


An accurate watch.


The right, up to date, timetables.


And some change for bus/train fares!


And don’t forget to get a weather forecast before you set off!


If you aren’t a serious walker, may we suggest that you start with some short walks so that you can find out your own capabilities? If you are new to bus and train use it’s a good plan to leave yourself more time than you think you will need and for those first few confidence – building walks perhaps aim to get to the start of your walk by public transport and then walk back to your parked car. You’ll soon find how reliable public transport generally is and you can soon begin to take full advantage of it to manage some superb walks in parts of this beautiful National Park that you would never be able to access by just using a car.


Some buswalking ideas...


Sunday and Bank Holiday Moorsbus Buswalks


Saturday and Monday Moorsbus Buswalks


Other bus (and train) walks


Other Suggested Walks


     Staying Safe Whilst Walking - some very good advice from the NYMNPA.

Moorsbus Serving The North York Moors.


Our aim is to create an affordable transport system to and around the North York Moors and the surrounding area that allows people to travel without cars.

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