Moorsbus CIC.

“The objects of the Company are to undertake activities which benefit the community and in particular (without limitation) to facilitate the provision and operation of public passenger transport services to and within the North York Moors.”

Moorsbus CIC is responsible for contracts with bus companies and other legal aspects of running bus services. We were registered as a Community Interest Company on 16th May 2014, and our company number is 9044336. Our Directors are currently Bill Breakell, Helen Gundry and Eden Blyth. We are all volunteers.

We aim to:

1. Safeguard, develop and promote public transport services to and within the North York Moors for the benefit of the environment, recreational use and local communities, and to maintain the benefits derived over 30 years from the provision of the National Park Authority Moorsbus Network;

2. Ensure the special environmental and landscape qualities of the area – and their enjoyment by the public – are protected by offering a socially-inclusive means of access to the area without the need for private transport;

3. Encourage integration and awareness of services;

4. While we acknowledge that most bus services are the responsibility of others, we try to meet both local and recreational needs for public transport whenever possible;

5. Be an exemplar of quality provision as well as taking an innovative approach to fulfil our objectives.

How we do this:

1. We work with existing bus and rail operators to support integration of timetables;

2. We facilitate the use of joint ticketing mechanisms between bus and rail operators;

3. We support the use of the ‘Moorsbus’ brand as a means of co-ordinating the marketing of services;

4. We are developing some bus services of our own to fill gaps in provision, and also organizing guided walks from some of these services.

5. Work with other agencies such as the passenger transport authority, the National Park Authority and others to ensure the most effective way of achieving access for all to and through the area at the lowest environmental cost.

6. We work closely with Friends of Moorsbus on passenger consultation, information distribution and fundraising.

Geographical area:

The North York Moors as the main area of benefit includes the National Park, and also the wider area encompassing the adjacent towns and villages. Services should recognise both the social deprivation of some surrounding areas, but also the size of the potential market in these areas.


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