We try to keep both fares and timetables as simple as possible on the Moorsbus.


May we introduce the Moors Rover ticket?


A Moors Rover allows you to use as many of our services as you need to on the day that you buy it. It covers all buses on the whole Moorsbus network as well as the Moors Plus.


Moors Rover adult ticket £8

Moors Rover child ticket £4 available to under 16s


However, up to 4 under 16s can travel free if they’re accompanied by an adult holding a valid ticket!


Local fares are also available, but only allow one journey.


And now for the complicated bit .....


English National Concession Travel Scheme bus passes are accepted on our network but not on the EYMS Moors Explorer.


Moors Rover tickets are sold and accepted on Arriva 5, 63, 81 and X93.

Moors Rover tickets are sold and accepted on the S&D 128 between Thornton Dale and Helmsley

and on the EYMS Moors Explorer ME1 between Norton (Malton)  and the Danby Moors Centre.


The EYMS Go Anywhere ticket is also accepted on our services.


And..... obviously, all this only applies on Moorsbus operating days


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