Moorsbus, Connecting you across the North York Moors National Park

Development Plan

Moorsbus Development Plan

Pickering Ropery M6 by T Curtis

Moorsbus CIC and Friends of Moorsbus Development Plan 2023 – 2028

Public transport provision has an impact on all of us, whether or not we use it.

Our vision is:  A national and local network of multi-modal, environmentally friendly travel for all, now, and to help to protect our world for future generations.

Our mission is: To fulfil our CIC objects; of activities that benefit the community, and, in particular to facilitate the provision, operation and promotion of public passenger transport services to and within the North York Moors and surrounding area.

Achieving our vision and mission:

We will achieve our vision and mission through our major work areas:

·     Providing a public bus network

·     Enabling multi-modal travel, through connectivity and communications

·     Promoting modal shift in order to reduce pollution and carbon  footprint

·     A vital role in the sustainability of village and town communities

·     Transforming equality of access to the North York Moors and surrounding area

·     Transforming lives

Providing a public bus network

We provide a public bus network by:

·      Maintaining our network; developed and fine-tuned since 2014. Contracting with commercial operators to provide the vehicles and drivers for this network, and all necessary legal compliance.

·      Liaison with stakeholders such as Local Authorities, the National Park Authority, Parish Councils, other funders, and passengers; to raise the funds necessary for the Moorsbus network contracts.

·      Maintaining our high passenger regard by continued focus on continuity, connections, convenience, confidence, cost, comfort and communications.

·      As a CIC, any income is reinvested in our services, to provide further benefits to people and to planet.


Enabling multi-modal travel, through connectivity and communications

We enable multi-modal travel by:

·      Working constructively with other transport operators to encourage well timed connections bus/bus, bus/train.

·      Contributing to Local Transport Plans, reviews, seminars, conferences

·      Offering MoorRewards opportunities to cycle hire businesses and to cyclists.

·      Assisting with strategy that improves bus stops, bus shelters, passenger information and other infrastructure issues at transport hubs.

·      Working with highways authorities, Ramblers groups, Rights of Way officers, community action groups to improve accessible footpath connectivity to public transport.


Promoting modal shift in order to reduce pollution and carbon foot-print

We promote modal shift by:

·      Encouraging tourism agencies and visitor destinations, including the National Park Authority, to significantly increase their promotion of public transport,

·      Selling branded goods with modal shift slogans, and investing funds so raised in supporting more convenient frequency of bus network services.

·      Supporting research and information gathering for net-zero strategies

·      Highlighting the need for early planning of seasonal services to facilitate maximum awareness and passenger use


A vital role in the sustainability of village and town communities

We have a vital role in the sustainability of village and town communities:

·      Promoting and providing public transport as a means of access for residents to training, to work, to volunteering, to financial services and advice, to shops and amenities, and to cultural activities.

·      Bringing customers from urban areas.

·      Providing and promoting public transport, as a means to reduce traffic congestion, reduce parking problems, thereby encouraging visitors to stay longer and return in the future.

Transforming equality of access to the North York Moors and surrounding area

We are transforming equality of access to the North York Moors and surrounding area by:

·      Awareness raising amongst National Park Authority staff, Members, and volunteers, about how access discrimination could be reduced through their decision making, events and promotion.

·      Working with disability support agencies to encourage them to find funds for client days out on the Moorsbus network, for client travel training, and to work with Moorsbus to improve access experience.

·      Working with disability rights groups to secure funds and permissions for more wheelchair accessible bus stops in the Moorsbus network area

Transforming lives

We are transforming lives by:

·      Reducing isolation and loneliness by combining bus services with “Days Out” ideas. Encouraging other agencies to organise supported days out on Moorsbus for their clients, with supporting Days Out suggestions, to support the social welfare and physical and mental health of individuals.

·      Promoting and providing access to fantastic North York Moors scenery and visitor opportunities

·      Developing Walk and Ride in the Moorsbus network area and promoting it to other regions and public transport operators too.

·      Encouraging people to get involved in positive activities, through Friends of Moorsbus contact with passengers, our Moorsbuzz monthly news sheet, and taking part in community fairs and other special events.

·      A strong focus on affordability, including taking part in low-fare promotions, through & shared ticketing, and trialling travel voucher schemes.

·      Developing our “My Moorsbus Story” project, including creative writing, photography, art and video-blogs.

Moorsbus for the future

We will continuously develop our work. Important areas are:-

·      Expanding the Moorsbus network frequency, season and days of the week, and increasing income generation

·      Director and volunteer succession

·      Public understanding and active support of our vision and mission

·      Capacity building and funding continuity

·      Continuing to review and evaluate our strategy and work programmes, and aiming for continuous improvement.

For more information on what we do as Moorsbus CIC and Friends of Moorsbus, please visit For conversations about supporting our work through funding, please contact