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My Moorsbus Story

Stories from travellers on the Moorsbus

This My Moorsbus Story page features some tales, using writing and perhaps photographs, from travellers on the Moorsbus.

Moorsbus is part of modal shift - the essential net zero strategy of getting more people to use public transport instead of cars.  One of our ideas, for introducing more people to Moorsbus, is through creative writing. Here is a message to you from Jean in Kirkbymoorside -


My name is Jean Illingworth and I’m a local author working with Moorsbus on ‘My Moorsbus Story’, a collection of stories reflecting passengers experience of using the Moorsbus. I understand that you have been a passenger on the Moorsbus and I wondered if you would like to share your experience as part of this project?
Just a few lines, or a full start to finish story would be great, which with your permission, we’ll upload to the Moorsbus website for others to enjoy. Don’t worry if words are not your thing, we can have a chat and I can help you describe your experience or I can write it for you.
So send your Moorsbus story to or get in touch at my email address for assistance.
Kind regards,
Our Moorsbus Story by Jim & Lilian Gribbin
Jim & Lilian Gribbin

We can’t remember the precise date when my wifeLilian and I first used the Moorsbus, but it was in late September or early October in 1993...

1993 - 2023
My Moorsbus Story

This will not have been an uplifting story, dispensing excitement, awe, catharsis, or even an unfolding narrative...

Twenty three years of Moorsbus walking

I have been using the Moorsbuses since 2000 when the Moorsbuses extended their route from Thirsk to Northallerton...

A Trip on the Moors Bus

When I woke up yesterday the beautiful weather...

31st August 2020
Rosedale Rambles...
Baz Askew

The following are from Baz Askew’s recent Rosedale rambles...

Take Moorsbus Route to Rievaulx
Stuart Bell

Take Moorsbus Route to Rievaulx...

12th August 2016
Appleton Mediaeval Weekend Walk
Stuart Bell

Appleton le Moors, an interesting village on the Tabular Hills near Kirkbymoorside, held a long planned Mediaeval Weekend in July and our intrepid walker, Stuart Bell...

Appleton le Moors
North Dale and Ana Cross
Baz Askew

The following are from Baz Askew’s recent Rosedale rambles...

Sutton Bank to Rievaulx Walk
Helen and Eden

Deciding that Moorsbus can’t be all work and no play, we sneaked off and took the M14 to Sutton Bank to stroll the five miles or so down to Rievaulx Abbey...

August 2016
EJB May 2016 ME1 Trip
Eden Blyth

Agreat day out on the Moors courtesy of Mick and his East Yorkshire Motor Services Moors Explorer...

May 2016
Cleveland Way Tales
Dave Greenwood

Here is Dave Greenwood's latest Tale, where he look at the origins of Moorsbus and charts it's revival...

4th August 2016
Stuart Bell Walk
Stuart Bell

The1st Moorsbus walk of 2015 started at Castleton in excellent warm and dry weather. The Arriva buses were on time, though the bus from Saltburn came without a ticket machine...

6th July 2015
Scenic Country Walk, Complete with Indy’s Rickety Bridge
Stuart Bell

Scenic Country Walk, Complete with Indy’s Rickety Bridge...

October 2015
Our MP is delighted with the Moorsbus!
Eden Blyth

Last Sunday saw Kevin Hollinrake and his family ride on the Moors Endeavour from Thirsk to Rievaulx, walking back to Helmsley and picnicking partway, before catching the bus home...

Thirsk to Rievaulx
21st September 2015
The Lost Moorsbus of Blakey
Bill Breakell

Most pictures of Moorsbus show a beautiful landscape on a sunny day, usually with a splash of purple heather in the foreground. That’s most people’s memories of their bus ride too...

Give us a push, please
Bill Breakell

The Moorsbus routes were literally a new departure for many buses, and their drivers...

Fellow Travellers
Eden Blyth

As I said to one of my fellow travellers yesterday, my trip on the ME1 had something of the surreal about it...

Pickering to Blakey
2nd June 2014
Thanks to Everybody
Sharon Feely

I would just like to give a huge thanks to everybody who has worked so hard to get this service back up and running. ..

27th July 2014
Many Thanks to Stuart Bell
Helen Gundry

Many thanks to Stuart Bell for leading our walk on Aug 7th, starting with a short exploration at the top of Farndale with Rambler passengers, and then meeting the ME1 and continuing down into a wild side of Rosedale on one of those elusive paths though bracken...

11th & 15th September 2014
Jumping on board the Moor Explorer
Colin Lynch

Jumping on board the Moor Explorer anticipating another little adventure, and getting off at North Grimston I took the permissive footpath at the foot of Grimston Hill leading me onto the Yorkshire Wolds Way, over Cinquefoil Hill and onto the wooded strip leading off Settrington Woods...

Moors Explorer
3rd Augusts 2014
Great Day Driving Moors Rambler
Neil Wise

Well had a great day driving Moors Rambler today - nice to see old friends and new ones...

Moors Rambler
20th July 2014
First Trip on the Moors Rambler
Stuart Bell

First trip on the Moors Rambler yesterday. Good to see it 80% full. Due to dodgy foot I enjoyed a bike ride down Rosedale on my little Dahon folder. Bus was on time for every journey...

Moors Rambler
28th July 2014
Eden Blyth

Faverdale Industrial Estate, 8 am on a Sunday, after a two hour drive, with the promised rain just about to add to the general aura of despondency...

13th July 2014
Enjoyed my first trip on Moors Rambler
Dianne Taylor

Enjoyed my first trip on Moors Rambler last Sunday. Went from Middlesbrough to Danby's Visitor Centre. Then took the Esk Valley Hopper through Eskdale to Whitby. Fish 'n' chips!!!! Beautiful weather too...

Moors Rambler
1st August 2014
Another Great Day Out with EYMS and the ME1
Colin Lynch

What looked like it was going to be a miserable wet day first thing ,turned out to be a very warm, (somewhat humid) but dry day. We got on the ME1(another double decker!) and on the way heard the jovial banter of passengers downstairs. What a jolly crowd we are!...

20th July 2014
Another Good Walk
Colin Lynch

Another good walk on Sunday (29th June), Started from Rosedale Abbey...

Rosedale Abbey
1stJuly 2014